This page shows the different maps I made for video games.


Based on the PC demo production of the same name, median shows a bare map composed of black and white towers spanning seemingly indefinitely.


Neo Kalidea Park

Made for the USF-N community on NeosVR, then Resonite, Neo Kalidea Park is a futuristic utopian solarpunk park.

With wide spaces and multiple hangout spots, it is the perfect place to be with your friends while working on projects.

This map was featured on the official Resonite community showcase stream.


The Edge of the Universe

With its dark background and impressive black hole, the Edge of the Universe is the place to be where it all ends.


Club Crystalline

Club Crystalline is a Resonite map released on Jan 1st 2024 in pair with the Crystalline Shard community.

With its near-future contemporary design, Club Crystalline is a place to meet, present and party.


Memories from a Future Past

Take a nostalgic tip down the memory lane, in a time where the future looked cooler.

This world was made for the MMC (Metaverse Makers Competition) competition in Resonite. You can read a more in-depth writeup on the making of this world on the Resonite Wiki.


Art Tech Tests
PsyEx J4 Feyyore
Firefly Sharkmare