Making software and experiences

Who am I?

My name is Jae, I am a software developper, sysadmin, networking person, well, a lot of things at the same time.
I make stuff.

What do I make?

Everything that I think is interesting.
Mostly software but also texts, images, sounds, hardware and VR stuff.

Why J4?

My name is Jae, in eleet, it is J43.
I only took the J4 part because I thought it would be cool to have a 4 chars total domain and two chars username.

Why create a new thing?

Because I wanted to separate a bit my projects and blog.
Everything related to wikis and posts will still be posted on jae.fi.
This website is an index of current, past and future projects.

Current projects

Here is the list of the projects currently ongoing active development:

  • OverEngine - A powerful and fully dynamic blog engine made with TypeScript and built from scratch.
  • Cert-Monitor - Monitor your SSL certificates easily with vanilla Python.

Stalled projects

Projects that are stalled due to lack of time or motivation:

  • UwU-Proxified - The e621ng-compatible proxy to unblock content.
  • DN0Magik-MC - The self-hostable and custom Yggdrasil (Mojang) auth server.
  • GH-Bot - The simple Matrix GitHub webhook bot.

Legacy projects

The support for those projects has been dropped and they are now archived.

  • Camfinder - A small utility to find HipCam webcams using the Shodan API.
  • MagikFiles - A NodeJS image sharing solution, made as a proof-of-concept for the city of Annecy.


Those projects are planned for the future, no matter how far or close.

  • NeosVR Home - A home in the VR world of Neos.
  • WorkSpace Project v1 - A tinkering space, right at home.

You're still reading this? This website is Licensed under the MIT & CC BY-SA 4.0 Jae Lo Presti licenses. You can find the source code here.

The horizon lights red,
As the rain falling slowly,
Everything comes back