About me

My name is Jae Lo Presti AKA J4 Jae's logo being ressembling a triangle..

I'm a senior consultant currently residing in Helsinki, Finland, currently working for Eficode.

This website is my portfolio.

I integrate 3D works into video games and virtual worlds, including my own.

I also contribute to Open-Source and closed-source software and manage/help several communities, most of which being creation-centred.

Lastly, I help companies do big things.

Since I have epilepsy, I'm a very strong advocate for accessibility, be it on the web, in software or in video games.

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My work

Popular works include, but are not limited to:

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Crystalline Vision

Crystalline Vision is a flagship meeting point. Set at the top of a skyscraper, you get to choose between three environments to spend your time. For the platform Resonite.

Blurred image of a large building with letters spelling 'Crystalline Shard Crystalline Vision'.


You may contact me via email at jae at 777 dot tf (replace at and dot by corresponding symbols).